TENCompetence Learning Design Services for Coppercore Service Integration

This web-page is a guide to getting & installing the TENCompetence WP6 Learning Design Services for Coppercore Service Integration

The contacts are Dai Griffiths and Paul Sharples.

Version 2.0.0 Final. Last updated 10 February 2010.

Astro Player and Wookie Widget Server

Quick Start Distribution

This download is a modified version of the current CopperCore Runtime Environment (CCRT). It has been modified to include the updated SLeD player and the Widget Server. Since version 2.0.0 this download also includes the Astro player.

  Beta Cross platform download

In order to use the bundled "Astro" application, you will need to use the linktool or sledadmin to create users and runs as you usually would. (See the "quick start guide for SLeD and the linktool" link below for information on how to create runs and users) Once you have done this you should point your web browser to http://localhost:8080/astro. You should then be prompted to login to Astro.


New features

What is this tool for?

Widget Engine Design Philosophy


How do I use a widget in my Learning Design?

To use one of the widgets made available from the widget server, you must add a parameter to an existing service element found within an environment. See here for further details.

Source Code

You will need to download the following zip file from: http://coppercore.sourceforge.net/downloads.shtml. CopperCore Runtime Environment (coppercore_ccrt_3.1.zip). Unzip this downloaded zip file into the parent folder where the following other modules will also be situated.

The Source code is stored in a SourceForge CVS repository. The details are:

Host: tencompetence.cvs.sourceforge.net
Repository path: /cvsroot/tencompetence
Connection type: pserver
User: anonymous

The modules needed are:

wp6/org.tencompetence.jboss.mbean.db (optional, but recommended. This module allows CCRT to be patched so that it can run the widget database using a combination of HSQL and an mbean auto-loader, without having to set up an external database)

IMPORTANT: check these modules out so that each project is in the same folder as CCRT.
This is because the ant build scripts expect CCRT to be in a certain location.
If you wish to check out the modules differently, it will be up to you to modify them accordingly.


For development work it requires Eclipse 3.3.
You will also need to follow the instructions found at the root of the "org.tencompetence.widgetservice" cvs project in "readme.txt" in order to build everything successfully.

Scorm Integration work

This is now part of the above installation. Resources and more detailed information however, can still be accessed here.
Please note that the SCORM functionality is only currently supported in the SLeD Player and not Astro.

If you are having problems please email p.sharples@bolton.ac.uk.